3/4 T&G Performax (Sub Flooring)

PerformMAX® flooring is made to look more like laminate flooring you would find in your home for a sleek look, and we are exclusive dealers so you won’t find it anywhere else!

Durable + Dependable

Strength is a priority when it comes to the flooring in your barn or shed, which is why PerformMAX® flooring is manufactured with an advanced resin technology. This provides increased stiffness and strength, which also makes it easier to install. The dimensional stability of this shed flooring offers a flat surface, making it an excellent choice across a range of industrial environments, such as: transportation, furniture, countertops, cabinets, signs and other applications.

PerformMAX® MDO is thermally fused to the panel during the manufacturing process, preventing it from peeling or delaminate during use, even if subjected to moisture or mechanical pressure.

  • These flooring panels are manufactured by blending precisely cut wood strands with an advanced resin technology.
  • The strands are then oriented in a four-layer process in which 2 core layers are oriented perpendicular to the 2 surface layers.
  • A very durable MDO overlay is applied to the surface and the combination of strands and overlay are pressed under high heat and pressure to form an extremely durable panel.
  • Increased stiffness + strength
  • Easy to install
  • Can withstand moisture or mechanical pressure
  • Thermally fused to prevent delamination


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