Hitachi W6V4 6.6 Amp Drywall Screwdriver

The ¼-inch/6mm (hex shank) Hitachi Drywall Screw Driver provides you with professional power using a heavy-duty 6.6 Amp motor with over 750 watts of input energy that executes up to 4,500 RPM. This screwdriver is built to impress, driving screws with ease. It also features a depth-adjusting, detachable nose piece to give you flexibility and reliable, accurate results. The soft, durable, rubber-like elasticity of the handles maximize comfort and longevity. Accompanied by a 24-foot cord, #2 Phillips driver bit, magnetic bit holder assembly, a sub-stopper, and a 5-year professional warranty, this product comes prepared! You won’t even wake the kids while putting together that last-second Christmas present in the wee hours of the morning, since this tool has a low noise level. It’s light weight, balanced, and conveniently compact. The two-finger, dust-sealed trigger functions with variable speed to increase your control.

Pros: It can handle wood, light gauge and heavy gauge steel, and it doesn’t get too hot even with hours of constant use.

“There is a fine line between genius and madness.”
~Lucius Annaeus Seneca (circa 3 BC-65 AD), Spanish-Roman Philosopher, Dramatist and Statesman
Don’t go mad using an everyday screwdriver. Be a genius, and add a little power to your life!

$78.95 each

Total Cost: $ 78.95