DeWALT 20v MAX / XR Lithium Ion Replacement Battery

The compact 20v MAX/XR Lithium Ion replacement battery by DeWALT provides a 33% longer run time than your standard 20v MAX battery. Some repairmen have reported using it for full-time work for three weeks straight before recharging!  It has a 3-led fuel gauge system that gives immediate feedback on the amount of charge left, and the productivity is maximized by the absence of memory and self-discharge, so there is less downtime. Because it is compatible with the whole line of DeWALT 20v MAX Tools, can recharge in 35 minutes, and comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, owning one (or two) just makes good sense!

This is a 2.0 amp hour battery (1/2 amp hour larger than the standard compact 20v MAX).

*** This product may, or may not, have been super-charged by Captain Universe. ***

$45.00 each

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Total Cost: $ 45