48” / 120cm I-Beam Level

A lengthy I-beam Level (48-inches/120 cm) from Stanley, in all its standard yellow glory, might be just what you need if your project involves leveling out two separate beams, evening out a projector screen, putting up a cross bar, or placing stone steps. Although there are no magnets and no measurements marking either side (like Southeastern’s 24” I-Beam Level), there are two vertical outer vials, and one horizontal vial at center, with a top-view opening making the vial easy to read from above. The lightweight, but heavy-duty, aluminum construction provides rigidity and accuracy of 0.0015 in./in. A groove down the length of one 48” side allows DIYers to level string, or even corners/edges, and the end-caps absorb shock, preventing nicks and dents in most materials. This is a straight-forward, bare-bones level, without all the bells and whistles, but where it counts, it does the job right.

$24.95 each

Total Cost: $ 24.95