24-Inch Professional I-Beam Level

All those fights between couples over what, where, and how to hang things on the wall…are now a thing of the past. Let Stanley level the playing field, settle the matter, and cost you far less than couples counseling.

Whether you need to hang a picture of the newborn, your dear mother-in-law, or the pet that gets more attention than you, this 24”/60 cm I-Beam 180 professional level is for both the skilled and the inexperienced DIYer, alike. It comes with three leveling vials: a vertical, a horizontal, and a rotating level for suspending things at various angles. It stands upright at each end-cap, and has an English/Metric ruler down the length of one yellow side, that you can also use as a straight edge. The heavy-duty aluminum I-beam construction provides rigidity, but it’s light enough for even Jr. to handle.

With a level accuracy of 0.0015 in./in. (0.15 mm/m), you can make use of this tool on bigger, more important, projects than just hanging pictures. That mother-in-law suite you’ve been dreaming of putting waaaaaaaay back behind the house, for example…

$16.98 each

Total Cost: $ 16.98