Our commercial buildings are versatile, tough and long lasting, and allow you to spend less time on maintenance and more time getting your important work done than traditional structures do. They can be installed on ground, concrete slab, and footing or on any level surface. We can begin construction in 2 to 3 weeks under normal circumstances. Our commercial buildings come 40ft wide and as long as needed and either 10ft high side wall or 14ft high side wall. There are 19 colors to choose from our 40 year metal roofing selection. These units are certified up to a 130 mph wind zone. Our commercial buildings offer functional work and storage space. They are versatile enough to support a variety of everyday functions from manufacturing to retail. These units can also serve as an agricultural purpose also. Farmers needing to store large equipment inside or function as a processing warehouse for crops. We can build you a commercial shelter for processing crops or an enclosure for security for your equipment. Call a friendly staff member today for any questions about our commercial buildings. Our Commercial Buildings come in Certified and Non-Certified Units. Read more below to learn more. We offer a full range of options for Roofing Doors Windows Bracing Siding Insulation Trim We finance and we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Certified Unit

Certified units are built to city and / or county codes. This means that the unit being built has been approved by a licensed engineer and stamped with his/her seal. These units are built to specifications according to the engineer drawing. This will include the following: 4ft or 3ft on center, depending on wind zone (wind zones that are higher than 110 must have kick legs and be built 3ft on center), 1 auger every 10ft on sides of units if built on the ground, anchor bolts every 2ft if built on concrete, welded power bar bracing on centers and legs, 12ga legs and a certified drawing from a engineer with a stamped seal. The concrete must have footers according to the drawing, 4″ minimum slab, vapor barrier (plastic), minimum 3000lb with fiber mesh. These units come with a 90 day workmanship warranty and a 10 year limited warranty on the framing and a 40 year limited warranty on the metal roofing & siding. These units are classified as residential & commercial units. These units come with a choice of 17 colors.

Non-Certified Unit

Non-certified units are not built to any codes or regulations. they are built approximately 5ft on center. They have no bracing and come with standard rebar for anchoring. the legs are 16ga galvanized tubing. If building on concrete the concrete bolts are approximately 4ft to 5ft apart. These units are not guaranteed to withstand any winds, ice, snow, hail, etc. these units only come with a 30 day workmanship warranty. This warranty does not cover any rust fade, chip, on the metal roofing, nor any rust, chipping, or discoloring on the galvanized tubing. These units come with a choice of 8 colors. These units are classified as agricultural units.

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